Wednesday, June 18, 2014

PHP and its configuration

I still can't see the bonjour service so I cannot upload sketch via Wifi from my Mac, but I keep configuring the Yun.

I've just added PHP5 following this original forum topic from Arduino Forum or this answer from Stackoverflow, it's the same:
- installing php5 and php5-cgi packages
- configure php.ini (doc_root)
- configure and restart uhttpd

Not sure why but this morning (after the Yun has been up and running all the night long) I needed to manually reset it (YUN RST button) because it wasn't able to access internet to download php5 package. The strange think was that the SSH connection with my MacBook was running and I was able to access the device through my browser (, but the device itself was not able to ping the router ( and consequently not able to ping/access internet websites.

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