Monday, June 16, 2014

Git project

During the weekend, I created the Git repository to store the project under GPLv3 license:
Watch'n'Water project on GitHub

The electronic stuff is going to arrive so I've also prepared a sketch to test the Arduino Yun, sensors and RTC communication. But first of all we have to test the Yun alone using the standard boring blinking led.

My first impression is that we have not enough space on 32U4 side (32K) to store a complex sketch. In my first (not optimized) .INO file, I just added BMP180, DHT22 and RTC libraries and other two libraries  (Wire and Bridge) needed to communicate with I2C modules and AR9331. I used more than 65% of the space and I'm only retrieving temperature, pressure, humidity and timestamp...
My idea is now to use the sketch just to retrieve the basic info and activate relays as needed, porting all the logic at AR9331 level, where we don't have space problem (I'm going to use a 2 GB SD).

This way I'll use python to implement both the logic of the watering system and the communication with external actors. Why python? Just beacuse Python 2.7 is included with OpenWrt-Yun.

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