Tuesday, July 1, 2014


A more detailed HLD of the architecture:

The engine (wnw_engine.py) is written in Python, but the bridge library to connect to the sketch ad been re-written. This process is the only one able to communicate with the ATmega32U4 processor that means it's teh only process that will interact with the sensors and output using the dedicated mailbox technology. Assuming that, I write the bridge library (wnw_bridge.py)  in order to open a socket to connect to the mailbox and maintain it open untill the process is killed instead of opening and closing a socket every time you want to read or write a value into the mailbox.
The database access is centralized into a specific library (wnw_database.py) in order to make easy any database changes we will do in the future (including the database itself).
The web interface must be mantained easy and quik so I choose jQuery Mobile and PHP to interact with the DB that is now the only point of contact between out system and the outside world.

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